Finding Cheaper Pharmacy Drug prices

It is easy to get overcharged by big pharmacies like CVS, Walgreens, Walmart etc. for common drugs which can double in price inexplicably. Searching for cheaper pharmacy options online shows websites like GoodRx. It seems the same drug may be priced almost 50% less than CVS Pharmacy or others on this website listing.  They provide you a coupon online that you take to a regular pharmacy like Walmart, Walgreen etc. and hopefully get a cheaper price. It is worth verifying whether this website can provide significant savings. Also the website founders seem to have pretty impressive credentials which brings some extra credibility.

Another similar website is which had almost equal prices. Hope these helps to find cheaper prescription drugs.

NOTE: There is a chance that the coupons these websites give may be refused by the local pharmacies. So it may be best to try multiple coupons and pharmacy stores if some of them refuse to accept.





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