Upgrade JDK1.7 to JDK1.8 in Cloudera CDH

Environment: Cloudera CDH 5.12 on RHEL Requirements Install one of the CDH and Cloudera Manager Supported JDK Versions. Install the same version of the Oracle JDK on each host. Install the JDK in /usr/java/jdk-version All nodes must run the same JDK version. Cloudera only supports 64bit JDK from Oracle. Upgrading to Oracle JDK 1.8 in a Cloudera Manager Deployment … Continue reading Upgrade JDK1.7 to JDK1.8 in Cloudera CDH

Streamsets install using Cloudera Manager

Environment: CDH 5.12 STREAMSETS- Follow the install instructions in the link below: https://streamsets.com/documentation/datacollector/latest/help/index.html#datacollector/UserGuide/Installation/CMInstall-Overview.html#concept_nb5_c3m_25 Installation with Cloudera Manager To install Data Collector through Cloudera Manager, perform the following steps: Install the StreamSets custom service descriptor (CSD). (Optional.) Manually install the parcel and checksum files. Typically only needed when the Cloudera Manager Server does not have internet access. Download, … Continue reading Streamsets install using Cloudera Manager

Integrate Hadoop Hue with LDAP

Authenticate Hue Users with LDAP Environment: CDH 5.12 on RHEL, Active Directory LDAP We will use Search Bind as it seems to be compatible with both AD and LDAP. We will follow the steps in the below manual: https://www.cloudera.com/documentation/enterprise/latest/topics/hue_sec_ldap_auth.htmlhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?time_continue=12&v=pCgUxQ8CU4o Log on to Cloudera Manager and click Hue. Click the Configuration tab and filter by scope=Service-wide and category=Security. Set the … Continue reading Integrate Hadoop Hue with LDAP