Elasticsearch notes

Elasticsearch vs RDBMS concepts:

You can (roughly) think of an Elastic index like a RDBMS database.


  • MySQL => Databases => Tables => Rows=>Columns
  • Elasticsearch => Indices(database) => Types(tables) => Documents(rows) with Properties(columns)

An Elasticsearch cluster can contain multiple Indices (databases), which in turn contain multiple Types(tables). These types hold multiple Documents (rows), and each document has Properties(columns).

A ES mapping is like an RDBMS schema.

The three required Document metadata elements are as follows:

Where the document lives is split into one or more Shards (partitions)
The class of object that the document represents
The unique identifier for the document

A Shard can have one or more replicas(copies).

Cluster is a collection of Shards and Replicas.




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