PostgreSQL notes

In Ubuntu, the server is run as a service called postgresql (configured in /etc/init.d/postgresql). The postgresql service is started automatically upon startup. Like all other services, you could: $ sudo service postgresql stop // Stop the service $ sudo service postgresql start // Start the service $ sudo service postgresql restart // Stop and restart the service $ sudo service postgresql reload … Continue reading PostgreSQL notes

Enable SSH login to Ubuntu by root user

In Ubuntu 16.04 by default root login by SSH is blocked for security reason. To enable root to login by SSH we have to update the ssh configuration. NOTE: This may make your server insecure for hackers so just enable root login temporarily if needed. /etc/ssh# ssh root Permission denied (publickey). Next edit the file:  /etc/ssh# vi sshd_config Change the following … Continue reading Enable SSH login to Ubuntu by root user

Cloudera Hadoop Install Notes

For installing Cloudera Private Cloud on OpenShift, we have to first start with the Cloudera Private Cloud Base installed on baremetal or VMs. Then we use the Cloudera Manager to deploy the CML and CDW on Openshift which is mainly compute cluster. The storage like HDFS, Hive, Kudu will remain in the Base(data center) servers … Continue reading Cloudera Hadoop Install Notes