Tableau Desktop connect to Cloudera Hadoop using Kerberos


The basic steps to connect Tableau to Cloudera Hive or Impala with Kerberos authentication involves the following steps:

[Note: Step 1,2,3,4 are not needed if your hadoop cluster uses Active Directory kerberos instead of MIT kerberos as the ticket is automatically generated by AD.]

  1. Download and Install the MIT Kerberos Client for Window
  2. Set the C:\ProgramData\MIT\Kerberos5\krb5.ini with  the Kerberos realm and server details
  3. KRB5CCNAME system environment variable may need to be set at times to a temporary value: FILE:C:\temp\kerberos\krb5cache followed by system restart.
  4. Start the MIT Client and get a new ticket using the userid/password provided by the Kerberos admin.
  5. Start the Tableau Desktop and select Cloudera Hadoop data source and enter the HiveServer2 or Impala connection values including Server address, Kerberos realm, kerberos fqdn etc.
  6. You may need to download and install the Impala or Hive ODBC driver from the website.
  7. After that the connect to Hive or Impala using Kerberos will work.

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