Anaconda Python notes

Some notes on Anaconda python package manager:

  • Reference:
  • Conda is the main installer for the Anaconda packages
  • Conda can be used to create multiple environments with different python or other package versions.
  • The Anaconda packages are installed under /<some path>/Anaconda3/pkgs and other sub-directories
  • Inside a new Conda installation, the root environment is activated by default, so you can use it without activation. In other cases, if you want to use an environment (for instance manage packages, or run Python scripts inside it) you need to first activate it.
  • To create a new environment named, for instance mynewenv (you can name it what ever you like), that includes, let’s say, a Python version 3.4., run:
    • conda create –name mynewenv python=3.4
  • You can change an environment’s Python version by using the package management commands
  • To remove a conda environment created using -p instead of -n option run the command: $conda remove -p /path/to/yourcondaenv –all
  • To remove conda env created using -n option run the command: $ conda remove –name yourcondaenv –all
  • To dry-run the clean command run with -d option: $ conda clean -d -a
  • To clean up index cache, lock files, unused cache packages, and tarballs run: $ conda clean -a

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