Top High Interest US Online Savings Accounts

A good way to find the highest interest paying US Savings Bank accounts is from the website and sort by All Products APY . However some of these banks sometimes use a bait-and-switch technique by increasing the interest rates to attract customers deposits and few months later drop the rates lower knowing that customers find it a hassle to open another bank account and move the money. Below are some of the banks who generally retain their high interest over time and dont lower it frequently.

Online Savings BankAPYDate [$25k single transfer limit but can do many transactions per month] 2.05% 11/23/2019 [no limits on deposits or withdrawal] 1.83% 11/23/2019 1.88%11/23/2019 [customer service can increase limits]2.00%11/23/2019 [ no limits on deposits or withdrawal]2.00%11/23/2019 [$25k external transfer limit per month] 2.00%11/23/2019 [ no limits on deposits or withdrawal]1.99%11/23/2019 [$25k/month limit on deposits/withdrawal]1.91%11/23/2019

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