Whatsapp doesnt finish initializing.

Sometimes you keep getting the message "Initializing, please wait a moment" for hours. This can happen if you moved the sim from an Android phone to an Iphone and used whatsapp on the iphone for few days. Now after moving the sim back to the old android this Initializing message wont complete and whatsapp gets … Continue reading Whatsapp doesnt finish initializing.

Python code examples

JSON PARSING EXAMPLE-1: import json # some JSON: x = '{  "name": "John", "devlist": [ {"name":"kiny", "age":30,"city":"New York"}]}' # parse x: y = json.loads(x) # the result is a Python dictionary: print(y["name"]) print(y["devlist"][0]["name"]) -----------------------RESULT----------------------------- john kiny JSON PARSING EXAMPLE-2: import json # some JSON: loradevice    = \ '[{"devtype":"dlab","deviceeui": ["eui1", "eui2"]}, \   {"devtype":"adenu","deviceeui": ["eui3", "eui4"]}]' # … Continue reading Python code examples