Use pyodbc with Cloudera Impala ODBC and Kerberos

Initially tried the python impyla package to connect to Cloudera Impala but ran into various errors and dependency issues. Also 2 of 3 queries would hang or give errors. So next tried pyodbc to connect to Impala.

Linux System Requirements:

The Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala is recommended for Impala versions 2.8 through 3.3, and CDH versions 5.11 through 5.16 and 6.0 through 6.3.

First we need to download from Cloudera website the Cloudera Impala ODBC driver for Linux 64bit. I used the latest RHEL 64bit version of driver.

If you are using RHEL or CentOS, run the following command:

(base) [root@downloads]# yum –nogpgcheck localinstall ClouderaImpalaODBC-

Installed: Complete!

The Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala files are installed in the /opt/cloudera/impalaodbc directory.

Next Configure the ODBC Driver:

Creating a Data Source Name on a Non-Windows Machine. In /opt/cloudera/impalaodbc/lib/64/cloudera.impalaodbc.ini add below:



In /etc/odbc.ini add below lines:

[ODBC Data Sources]
your-odbc-dsn=Cloudera ODBC Driver for Impala 64-bit


Next test the impala connection as below:

$ kinit your-kerberos-userid
# isql -v your-odbc-dsn

| Connected!                             |
|                                        |
| sql-statement                          |
| help [tablename]                       |
| quit                                   |
|                                        |

This shows that the connection to impala is successful.

Now run a pyodbc script:

import pyodbc
conn = pyodbc.connect('DSN=your-odbc-dsn',autocommit=True)
crsr = conn.cursor()
crsr.execute('select * from mydb.mytable limit 5;')

Note: In python3 script we need to set

# autocommit=True , else we get an error (‘HYC00’, ‘[HYC00] [Cloudera][ODBC] (11470) Transactions are not supported.

conn = pyodbc.connect(cnxnstr, autocommit=True)

If you get below error then need to kinit:

$ kinit your-kerberos-userid

Error: (‘HY000’, ‘[HY000] [Cloudera][DriverSupport] (1110) Unexpected response received from server. Please ensure the server host and port specified for the connection are correct and confirm if SSL should be enabled for the connection. (1110) (SQLDriverConnect)’)


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