Install Kudu in Cloudera CDH 5.16

Reference: Apache Kudu is a relational database in the Hadoop ecosystem which provides CRUD update/delete capabilities in Impala tables. It stores data outside of hdfs in tablet files in the hadoop datanodes. It is useful for fast IOT data storage and querying as soon as data is inserted into the table unlike HDFS hive … Continue reading Install Kudu in Cloudera CDH 5.16

Streamsets renew JWT token to call api

Many JWT tokens expire hourly and need to be renewed to pass in an api call. Streamsets auto renewal of JWT tokens may not work so here is another way to renew JWT tokens. STEPS: PIPELINE-1: A continuously running separate pipeline will periodically renew the JWT token and store in a text file PIPELINE-2: The … Continue reading Streamsets renew JWT token to call api

Kafka install on Cloudera Hadoop

Below are the steps to install Kafka parcel in Cloudera manager. Cloudera Distribution of Apache Kafka Requirements and Supported Versions: Cloudera Kafka 2.2.x lowest supported Cloudera manager version 5.9.x, CDH 5.9.x and higher . General Information Regarding Installation and Upgrade These are the official instructions: Cloudera recommends that you deploy Kafka on dedicated hosts … Continue reading Kafka install on Cloudera Hadoop