Anaconda Python notes

Some notes on Anaconda python package manager: Reference: is the main installer for the Anaconda packagesConda can be used to create multiple environments with different python or other package versions.The Anaconda packages are installed under /<some path>/Anaconda3/pkgs and other sub-directoriesInside a new Conda installation, the root environment is activated by default, so you … Continue reading Anaconda Python notes

Install Anaconda Python package on Cloudera CDH.

This blog will show how to install Anaconda parcel in CDH to enable Pandas and other python libraries on Hue pySpark notebook. There are two methods of using Anaconda on an existing cluster with Cloudera CDH, Cloudera’s distribution including Apache Hadoop: Use the Anaconda parcel for Cloudera CDH. The following procedure describes how to install … Continue reading Install Anaconda Python package on Cloudera CDH.